Natural Treatments for Melanoma Skin Disease

Here are many ways to treat this condition, by conventional means or by treatment with natural medicine, which is truly effective in treating such a condition.

The treatment is natural, once it detects any symptoms, immediately start a strict diet as follows:

Natural Treatments for Melanoma Skin Disease

Eating pineapple or orange juice (choose only one) for three days. In these three days, you should not eat anything else, just pure drinking water, 2 liters during the day, and fruit choice. After three days, take two full days, either papaya or mango (choose only one.) And to accompany the fruit with two liters of pure water. You can eat as much fruit as you want.

For the sixth and seventh days, fasting should be a bit of fresh garlic with a glass of warm water. Half an hour after taking the garlic, you can take a citrus fruit (orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, etc…) Choose only one of these fruits and eat what you want until three in the afternoon. After this time you should eat the following vegetables: tomato red (tomatoes), broccoli (broccoli), onion, and celery. All of them are raw in salad or juice, without adding salt or any sweetener or lemon.

After this week of diet, you follow the same rules, except that it is necessary to add a soup of steamed vegetables with a little salt (use salt vegetable or marine), combining at least 5 plants in each soup. It should be taken with a spoonful of soup extra virgin olive oil.

For six or seven in the afternoon, you can have a cup of brown rice, miso soup, or vegetarian broth. Three times a week, you can eat a piece of grilled fish or chicken breast (no flavor, only with salt, lemon, or onion)

under no circumstances should eat anything until the skin heals. So you have to gradually resume the diet, and avoid refined products, sugar, alcohol, processed, snuff, animal fats (reduce consumption at maximum), and irritants.

Some natural treatments that can help:

Sessions: bioenergy, reiki, reflexology, and acupuncture. All these alternatives will help to unlock and allow flowing emotions contained (blocks), especially anger, repressed anger, etc. Help also restores a harmonious energy flow and fluid, which is essential to eradicate cancer. It is also necessary to work on a new approach to looking at life, remembering that the body is just a sponge soaking up our mental and emotional states deeper.

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