Back Acne Treatment

Back Acne Treatment: Although acne mainly affects the face, some sufferers experience it additionally or predominantly on their back. Acne can sometimes cover this entire region. While this area is usually hidden from view, sufferers feel that they cannot expose their back at the beach and there is often also intense irritation. The good news is that there is more than one type of back acne treatment available to try.
Back Acne Treatment

In all acne, there is an overproduction of skin cells in the pores which leads to trapped dirt, sebum, and bacteria all giving rise to the formation of spots. So what makes the back so “special”?

Nobody knows for sure but dermatologists theorize that it has something to do with a combination of friction and too much moisture caused by modern daily life i.e. using chairs, wearing clothes, wearing backpacks, etc.

Although we will shortly take a closer look at treatments, it is also worth trying to do your best to prevent getting back acne in the first place. This consists mainly of lifestyle modification.

For example, consider using a shoulder bag instead of a backpack or wear only one strap of the backpack. Wear breathable materials i.e. 100% cotton.

Back Acne Treatment

In general, the same treatments for regular acne also work well for back acne.

The best pharmaceutical treatment is benzoyl peroxide. This is a common over-the-counter treatment and you are probably already familiar with at least one of many well-known brand names such as Clearasil or Oxy.

It is best to use the lowest concentration possible i.e. 2.5%. Not only will this likely be effective anyway but, given the size of the back compared to the face, it will also mean that less of this drug will be absorbed into your body and hence you will suffer fewer side effects, if any.

If the above does not work then you may want to visit your doctor who can prescribe a more aggressive treatment. If your acne is particularly advanced then he or she may prescribe you antibiotics and may even need to surgically remove some of the infected pores.


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